June 6th 2014

Keogh Bay Training recently compiled all feedback from leaders at BHP Billiton Iron Ore who have participated in our Working with Indigenous Employees program. This program is designed to help leaders better manage teams that include Indigenous employees. It is delivered by a tag team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous facilitators each with long experience working in diverse teams.

Over 300 leaders at BHP have participated in the training to the 1st of June, 2014 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 78% of leaders rated our facilitators as Excellent, and 98% rated them is either Excellent or Good.

Just as importantly, 95% of leaders rated the program’s usefulness for their job as Excellent or Good.

The quantitative feedback in the chart below is supported by the written comments of leaders. The quotes below are a selection from just two programs run in January:

  • “This program is excellent – no improvement is needed”
  • “A good practical workshop with some interesting, helpful information”
  • “Got more out of today than I expected – thankyou”
  • “Very enjoyable, it will help me in my job”

For more information on the program contact Sandy McEwan at sandy.mcewan@keoghbaytraining.com.au or via mobile on 0458 090 121 or Matt Wrigley at matt.wrigley@keoghbaytraining.com.au, mobile 0419 763 101