Working with Indigenous Employees
Working with Indigenous Employees
Working with Indigenous Employees
Who is this course for?

Any organisation that prioritises Indigenous employment, and is seeking to ensure their workplace is conducive to attracting and retaining Indigenous staff. When you’re serious about employing Indigenous people we’re serious about giving your leaders the skills they need.

Indigenous employment should be positive for all involved, but too often communication barriers and cultural misunderstandings can get in the way of productive working relationships.

Working with Indigenous Employees is designed to help leaders break down barriers, navigate cultural issues and better understand the perspective of Indigenous employees. Working with Indigenous Employees is a practical course for leaders with Indigenous employees in their teams. First developed for leaders in the mining and extractive industries, the program has also been adapted to other industries and sectors, and can be tuned to suit your needs.

The program is delivered by a team: an Indigenous facilitator skilled in articulating the experience Indigenous employees in large organisations and a leader with years of experience leading and managing Indigenous employees.

Our team will help you:

  • Build strong working relationships
  • Manage bereavement leave, communication problems and spiritual issues
  • Manage performance
  • Work more effectively across cultural barriers
  • Develop a more productive team

Scenarios and content are drawn from the most common and challenging cultural issues that arise in businesses with increasing numbers of Indigenous employees.

The program covers:

  • Business drivers and Indigenous employment strategy
  • Cross cultural problem solving
  • The Indigenous employer of choice
  • Language and communication
  • Training – what works and what doesn’t
  • Why people leave
  • Coaching and performance management
  • Unplanned absences
  • Community relationships
  • Bereavement and cultural leave
  • Career development
  • Indigenous perceptions of leadership
  • Steps to a strong team
  • Dealing with divisive talk
  • Building a strong team

91% of participants to date in Working with Indigenous Employees rated the program as “good” or “excellent” on useful for your job. 99% rated the presenters as “excellent” or “good”.

The program can be delivered in half day or full day formats depending on your needs.

Contact Matt, Mark or Sandy at the details below to discuss your training needs.