August 4th 2014

Keogh Bay directors Sandy McEwan and Mark Simpson delivered a Recruiting Indigenous Employees workshop to 16 Rio Tinto recruitment specialists on the 4th of August, 2014.

The training was focused on key issues in recruitment of Aboriginal people and was based around Sandy’s powerful personal life story and experiences in recruiting large numbers of Aboriginal people into Rio Tinto’s business. Recruitment team members reported that the workshop and Sandy’s story were “inspirational” and “very informative”. After the course Mark Simpson said that working with Sandy is “a wonderful and often deeply moving experience” and that he felt honoured to be able to deliver this training. Mark also said he enjoyed delivering this training to the Rio Tinto team with Sandy as the attendees were very actively engaged and a “great group to work with”.

The workshop showed how a well structured Indigenous employment and recruitment strategy can duplicate many of the chance events that helped Sandy turn his life around. The workshop covered the pros and cons of a recruitment strategy based on merit alone when there are obligations to employ local people. It also covered the use of plain English in interviews and the ways in which other recruitment processes have been adapted in many companies to suit the realities of Aboriginal communities.

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